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I’m Baaaaacccckkkk!

I’m not sure if you missed me or not, (I’ve certainly missed all of you) but I’ve been MIA for the last six or more months. Things have been crazy, as per usual, around here but I was especially busy so I put my writing here on hold. But, now I’m back and ready to share some more of our crazy military life in the hopes that I might provide some laughs, and possibly a little inspiration.

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Thrive When Your Child Leaves for Boot Camp

One of the hardest things to experience as a Mom (and you Dads too) is to have your child leave the house when they are young adults.  I’ve experienced it myself twice so far when my oldest son left for Navy boot camp and my middle son left for Air Force basic training. I’ve written about the difficulty of saying goodbye to them here, here and here (I’m totally not obsessed, I promise lol) but I think I have some tips for how to not just survive when your child leaves for boot camp but to thrive.

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