I’m Baaaaacccckkkk!

I'm Baacckk.jpg

I’m not sure if you missed me or not, (I’ve certainly missed all of you) but I’ve been MIA for the last six or more months. Things have been crazy, as per usual, around here but I was especially busy so I put my writing here on hold. But, now I’m back and ready to share some more of our crazy military life in the hopes that I might provide some laughs, and possibly a little inspiration.

I also plan on sharing more about this lovely little town we live in and the gorgeous surrounding areas, which is also related to why I’ve been missing in action. I just recently got my real estate license and have started working in an amazing office here in Northern Nevada.


Since we live in a military town and this can be a rough transition for many families, I have hopes that I can present some of the greater aspects to living in this little place in the desert. After talking to multiple military families who get stationed here in Fallon, many come kicking and screaming but love it by the end. I’m not here to sell it to you (well in some ways, I am haha) but not trying to force your opinion. You may love it or hate it, but the least I can do is introduce you to the many marvelous people and places around here so at least there is a silver lining.

Be on the lookout for my Fallon Spotlight posts about all the great businesses located here. I will also present Weekend Plans, highlighting the many fabulous destinations and fun activities all around Northern Nevada.

I look forward to getting back into the swing of things in the blog world! Talk to you soon!