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Dear Parents ~ Don't Be a Jerk

It’s that time of year, after the holidays when the school year settles into the season of “The Long Haul”. Trust me, it’s an official term. The time after the holidays and before spring vacation is a barren stretch of cold winter days, before the promise of spring with warmer weather, more daylight and some extended time with family.

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Thrive When Your Child Leaves for Boot Camp

One of the hardest things to experience as a Mom (and you Dads too) is to have your child leave the house when they are young adults.  I’ve experienced it myself twice so far when my oldest son left for Navy boot camp and my middle son left for Air Force basic training. I’ve written about the difficulty of saying goodbye to them here, here and here (I’m totally not obsessed, I promise lol) but I think I have some tips for how to not just survive when your child leaves for boot camp but to thrive.

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Wishes for my Boy

He still lives much of his time in the blissful purity of childhood, without the impending and sometimes crushing reality of lost innocence.  It’s not that I don’t look forward to watching him grow and mature into those teenage years and eventually into adulthood, like his older brothers. It’s more that I would like to slow down this roller coaster of life, which seems to rocket through the years faster every day.

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