Geek Gift Roundup

 My eleven-year-old son, Brody, is as proud of his geek side as we are. He’s a very intelligent young guy with so many talents, so when I found out National Geek Day was in July, I knew we needed to come up with a gift guide all geek related. These are his total favorites that he would own in a nanosecond if he could. Please note that this list is in no specific order of preference lol, we were not compensated for these ideas, and he’s really just getting together an early Christmas list. 

1. Harry Potter Marauder’s Map Mug 

He picked this one because the Marauder’s Map is such a big part of the books and movies, and he is a big Harry Potter fan (you should see his room decor)! The mug is cool because it acts like the actual map when it’s filled with warm drinks.

2. Captain America Canvas Backpack

This was another pick because everyone needs to show their Marvel love in his opinion. Another positive, if you even need one, is you can carry your homework or other belongings in style.

3. Poke Ball Blue Tooth Speaker

This is for all the Pokemon masters out there who want to play their music while looking super awesome.

4. 12th Doctor Who Sonic Screw Driver

This is an actual TV remote. You can control anything on your television while sitting on your couch, pretending it is actually a tardis and channel your inner Doctor.

5. Everything Loot Crate

This is a monthly subscription to an amazing crate where you can choose the theme of your loot! Some examples are magical crates, super heroes, super villains, sci-fi and so many more. The best thing is they get delivered monthly to your front door.

6. Darth Vader Voice Changer

You sound like Darth Vader… is there anything else to say about this?

7. Batman Mirror

This little gem helps to make sure you are looking on point while keeping Gotham safe, or at least your bedroom.

8. Star Trek Blue Tooth Communicator

Who wouldn’t want an actual recreation of the communicators used on Star Trek. These use blue tooth and can connect to many different devices, including your phone.

9. Harry Potter Hogwarts Vinyl Notepad

This notebook for under $10 keeps the Harry Potter theme going while you keep all your notes (and maybe spells) organized when on the move.

10. R2-D2 14-Liter Fridge

This handy little guy keeps all your drinks and snacks cold in a small, room size refrigerator. This awesome re-creation not only works plugged into the wall, but has the ability to work in your car as well!

That concludes Brody's list of must-have geek gifts. He could come up with a hundred or more ideas if anyone wanted to take the time to listen! I hope this helps you in your search for the best possible geek gifts out there.