Pampering Time....Part 1

I’m a mom.  I’m also a full time teacher. A kindergarten teacher, during the holidays… do you see where I’m going with this? Let’s just say that I’m not very good about taking time for just me. I seem to value my sleep too much! In an attempt to

1.     take frivolous time for myself

2.     help out with some wonderful new acne (at 40! Seriously…)

3.     do something about these wrinkles that seem to multiply everyday (thank you harsh, desert climate)…

photo by Cheyanna Bloomfield

photo by Cheyanna Bloomfield

I decided to go get a facial. It’s something I don’t think I’ve ever taken the time to do. I’m usually a pretty spontaneous person when it comes to decisions like this. I saw a post on Facebook from a high school friend who just so happens to own the trendy and charming salon, Shine, in my small, desert town of Fallon, Nevada. I messaged her to see if she had an aesthetician who did facials and of course she did!

Thanks to the hectic time of year, I waited to message Cheyanna Bloomfield and was pretty sure I would be out of luck for weeks. She miraculously worked an appointment for me in just days!

Shine is located on Maine Street in a newly renovated building in downtown. It’s situated on the second floor and walking up the stairs, you can tell the building has some serious history. The salon however, is a perfect union of the fashionably old paired with new, modern conveniences. If you’re a fan of the show, Fixer Upper, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Cheyanna met me at the door and took me to her room in the back. It was also welcoming and adorable, the type of place you would feel relaxed snuggling in for a good book. She prepped me and got me settled after encouraging me to take my shoes off and get comfortable. (I can be such a dork!) She had the lights turned down and there was soothing music softly playing as she started the first of two cleanses, followed by an exfoliation. It was so relaxing, I was worried about falling asleep but luckily that didn't happen. Each step felt like a mini facial massage, which was a refreshing change from my quick face scrubbing at home. 

Next, she worked on clearing out some clogged pores and all I could think was my mom used to pay me a dollar to let her do this to me! Cheyanna was the complete professional, however, and got me through it without breaking into adolescent giggles. She then used a high frequency wand to kill the bacteria and a clay mask with salicylic acid to help prevent further breakouts. Finally she toned and moisturized my skin with a citrusy lotion to hydrate against our lovely, spartan climate. 

She concluded the session with the most tranquil shoulder, arm and hand massage. I swear I need her to teach my husband her techniques because I think I need one of those daily! It was the perfect ending to a wonderful experience.

I'm very proud to report that my experiment in pampering myself was a complete success! I can't wait to book another appointment with Cheyanna to work her magic again on my skin. I don't think it will turn back time, but I now have a powerful weapon to combat it. 

Join me for part 2 of Pampering Time, where I introduce you to my longest relationship beautician Amber!