The Introduction...

If you're wondering how many dirt bikes is too many dirt bikes, you'll have to wait for that answer. We're currently at 4 dirt bikes,1 Harley, 1 street bike, 3 quads and a tractor. It isn't enough yet!

photo by Mandy Ford Photography

photo by Mandy Ford Photography

You can't have a family with four kids, three fur babies, two full-time working parents and not have some funny chaos that needs to be shared with the world. Welcome to the Picotte Chronicles! This is where some of our favorite family stories will be detailed so you can laugh or cry right along with us. Let me first introduce you to the main characters...

Talon is our oldest at almost 20 years old so he's a "grown ass man" in his own words. To be honest though, he makes us so proud every day with his ability to adult. He joined the Navy right out of high school and is doing amazing. He is the family gamer and the unfortunate guinea pig to all my parenting trial and error. 

Brock is next in line. He's almost 18 and is a senior in high school. Despite stories of teenagers, he's pretty enjoyable to have around about 97% of the time. He is a tremendous athlete,  playing both football and baseball. He is planning on leaving for the Air Force after graduation so that should make family get-togethers quite interesting. 

Brody is the absent minded professor of the group. He is all things Harry Potter and the ultimate book lover. He is 10 years old and in the 5th grade. He loves soccer, going to school and can swing dance with the best of them. He also is a big computer guy and wants to follow in his oldest brother's footsteps into the Navy.

Emi is the youngest of the crew and the only girl! She is quite the little princess of the family and keeps us on our toes with her witty, funny comments. She is almost 9 years old and currently loves softball. She also goes back and forth with tumbling, gymnastics and cross fit. Right now she plans on learning to play the piano since she scored a keyboard for Christmas. 

Rosco and Cletus, our two pit bulls, and Duke the Min Pin make up our fur babies. Rosco was a rescue by my husband, and Cletus is our sweet boy. Duke is our puppy who just hit his first birthday. He is usually a jerk but lucky for him, he is very cute. He definitely sends our house into a code red on a regular basis.

That concludes everyone except for my husband and myself. Our story is featured on the True Love...For Real post. We love our funny family stories and look forward to sharing them with you as well.