Picotte Chronicles ~ It's a Jeep Thang

We are a Jeep family. It was a complete accident that it happened and we didn’t even realize it happened until now. Now that we own three, we’re pretty happy it came to be.

It started out when Talon turned sixteen and wanted a Jeep. I immediately thought how cool it would be for him to have one because it was something I would have loved at 16. We looked around and eventually found a bright yellow one that Talon got to drive home from LA with my dad. For a while, that was the only one we had and it has had quite the adventures. It was shipped to Pensacola when Talon was there for A school. When he got stationed in Hawaii, it went along and is still there with him. Jeep #1.

Fast-forward almost four years. I was driving a ten-year-old Yukon that was bigger than we really needed since one child was already on his own and another was well into driving himself. I wanted something sportier and smaller. We eventually happened on a Jeep Cherokee Trail Hawk that Paul and I just went “looking” at one weekend. A few hours later after some haggling and dealing and I was driving my new ride home! Jeep #2.

Six months later my husband had been throwing around the idea of getting rid of all our motorcycles and quads for a couple side-by-sides. One weekend he went out with a buddy in his Jeep, helping pull out some people who had been stuck in the mud for a number of days that no one else could get to. Needless to say, he was impressed and the idea of side-by-sides went out the window. A few days later he mentioned the jeep was for sale. I sort of dismissed the idea, not thinking he was totally serious about it. This conversation went on for a few weeks but before I knew it, we were three-time Jeep owners. Jeep #3.

This last jeep is an off roading one, but also fits the kids and the dogs in the back. It can basically go anywhere we would want to off-road, but it also works great for around town. We can easily take off the top, which is pretty fun, without having to commit to it all the time. We're checking into some upcoming Jeep rallies with it, so I would say we're quickly becoming devoted to the idea.

So that’s how we became a Jeep Family. It wasn’t something that we intended to happen, but I think it is something that will stick. We sure have fun with them and maybe we’ll just see you on the trail!