Survival Tips for a Spa Newbie


I made a promise around the holidays to start pampering myself more. This isn't something I do very easily because, like many of you, I tend to put my family, job, pets and everything else before any me-time.  Luckily, I have the most thoughtful husband ever and he bought me a spa day for Christmas. He loves his girls so much; my nine-year-old daughter was also included on this little day. She got a mini manicure and pedicure and I got a manicure, pedicure, facial and massage at the Spa Toscana located in the Peppermill Casino in Reno, Nevada. This was my first ever visit to a spa so read my survival tips to make your trip more enjoyable!

1. Leave the family at home…

            Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my family more than anything. And I love nothing more than a girl day with my little mini me. But, she wasn’t allowed anywhere in the spa other than in the manicure and pedicure area, which I totally understand! Since you have to be 18 to go in those areas, my husband and son came along to pick up the little princess after we were done with our toes and nails. She was totally put out that she couldn’t go in the spa areas and the private pools (she is such the little diva) and I didn’t get a chance to take advantage of that area either because the family was waiting on me to finish. Take my advice and go with your girls, or guys…

2. Better yet, get a room for the night!

We actually had planned to get a room so the kids could play in the arcade and the pool. Unfortunately, Reno was having one of their severe storms with the possibility of heavy flooding so we didn’t want to stay in town, an hour away from home. Plus it was January and the entire pool is outside. Even though it is heated, the whole area was surrounded by snow, so that nixed the swimming idea as well.  Next time we hope Mother Nature is a better sport and contributes good weather to our plans!

3. They won’t forget you for your treatment!

            So being the newbie that I was, I didn’t know how any of this spa stuff worked. I received the tour of the three floors this spa encompasses (I know…right!) and was taken to my locker to change into my robe and sandals before my facial and massage. After that, I sort of wandered around aimlessly waiting for my 1:00 appointment. Suddenly, about 10 minutes before my time, I heard someone calling for 1:00 appointments so I jumped up to follow. We were ushered into the quiet room to wait. Soft music was playing and the room was fairly dark and there I sat with a number of complete strangers, all in robes. They apparently weren’t newbies however, because they all came with their girls!

Pretty soon, different aestheticians started coming out of the secret doorway calling the names of their appointment. To be honest, I felt a little like I was in middle school PE waiting to be picked for a team. I kept anxiously waiting for my name to be called and then started worrying I would be forgotten when I didn't hear it! Of course, all that worry was for nothing. Long before my actual appointment time, I was called back to get my facial.

4.  The facial is really worth it!

            I’m proud to say that I was not a total newbie when it came to the facial. I actually have a gal in my hometown who does an amazing job! However, this one was also definitely worth the time. My skin felt so moisturized and cleansed after I was done. I felt like I had shed quite a few years, or at least hoped so. I look forward to visiting for another one of those sometime soon!

5. The masseuse was no joke!

            I had back-to-back appointments between my facial and massage so I didn’t have much waiting time in the quiet room my second go-around. I felt like an expert this time. No revisits to middle school! The massage was a new experience for me, though, so another first. Let me tell you that it was an incredibly relaxing event once it was done. It was a little intense during, however.  Even though my masseuse told me to speak up if it was too much, I didn’t want to sound like a baby. So there were a few times during my neck massage that I thought, “Holy cow! She could totally snap my neck if she wanted to!” Not that she even came close, but that's just my twisted way of thinking. I was worried I would be sore after, but actually all I left there was a ton of pent up tension.

            All in all, this was definitely a top ten gift from my guy and a wonderful experience. It was such a great time, I plan on trying it out regularly as soon as I save up for my next visit, and get some of my girls together for an all day visit! Peppermill, here we come!

(Note: I was not compensated or affiliated to any company for this post.)