Attack of the Hover Boards

Hover boards… marvelous two-wheeled machines that roll effortlessly around the house with minimal effort on the part of the rider…or so, one would think. They are actually confidence crushers that patiently wait for the rider to THINK they are proficient before they dump said rider on their head or worse.

The hover boards waited patiently under the tree.

The hover boards waited patiently under the tree.

            Santa brought both Brody and Emi hover boards for Christmas. They were thrilled and immediately hopped on and within minutes were zooming around the house. They rocketed across the hardwood floors with ease and quickly learned to navigate the transitions over the throw rugs and to the carpeted rooms.

The cabinets in the kitchen didn’t seem to be too much of an obstacle although the new blemishes on the less than one-year-old cupboards have been less than goal worthy. Thankfully, the black marks on the doors are mostly removed with magic erasers but the kids are ecstatic with their new rides so it all seems to even out in the end.

Watching the kids ride so effortlessly on Christmas Day initiated a desire in the over 20 crowd to want to give it a try as well. Despite multiple warnings and even an ultimatum or two from Grandpa, Nana fell as victim number one to the devious hover boards. The events leading up to the crash are still under investigation, however the loud bang alerted the house to the outcome of Nana’s attempted jaunt. We still aren’t sure if she just wanted an excuse to put her feet up all day, but an almost broken foot was the result.

Hover boards: 1        Adults: 0

My sexy husband appeared to have the hover board figured out almost as good as the kids. I must admit that he handles a snowboard with confidence, and can hang with the best of them on a wake board, so what difference does another board make? He even had it figured out boldly enough that he was videoing his ride around the kitchen island on his phone. Suddenly a loud thud vibrated the walls and I see my better half sprawled out by the back door, hollering at me to turn off the video! Luckily this one only resulted in a bruised ego.

Hover boards: 2        Adults: 0

The last victim of the hover boards on Christmas Day ended up being yours truly. I was quite a bit more reserved while riding the hover boards. After observing the mayhem throughout the day, I was determined to be extra careful. I had stopped the board almost completely and was prepping to get off, but one foot on and one in the air gave the hover board the advantage it needed. Zipping around in a tight circle, it dumped me unceremoniously on my shoulder and quickly determined it was the better opponent.

Hover boards: 3        Adults: 0

Needless to say, the kids are continuing to tear it up around the house due to unprecedented amounts of snow this winter. Literally and figuratively, they are ripping around the house, even taking to watching videos while riding and giving Duke, the min pin rides whether he wants to or not! The cabinets are getting broken in and the doors have been scrubbed more in the last few weeks than the last six months. I wonder if Santa has a return policy?