Writing is my dream...

For as long as I can remember, writing has been a life long passion and dream. I want nothing more than to have a chance to share that writing in as many different formats as possible.


professional blog writer

A blog is your face for the world to see. Is your blog lacking the professionalism you want to convey? Leave it to me to articulate your written footprint for the world to see and generate effective content. 


Copy Writing

Is your website in need of a complete overhaul? Or do you need a fresh eye to help you polish your professional correspondences? We'll plan a Skype session where I can get to know you and your voice and we can collaborate on a game plan to get your new and improved voice out there!


Creative Writing

My dream has always been to publish a book. My first book, Pack Hunters, is a young adult novel about a young man coming to terms with the death of his father while dealing with everyday teenage angst. His life is suddenly and completely turned upside-down when Rainy walks into his classroom in a small Montana town after a rash of wolf killings affecting the area's way of life and his family's livelihood.