Hiking through the Tahoe forest.

Hiking through the Tahoe forest.


I'm a military wife and mom sharing our crazy life with the hope of providing some comic relief and maybe a little inspiration.

It all started when...

I wrote a paper for my college freshman English class. We were participating in a peer editing exercise and after reading my paper, another student and my professor broke into a discussion about my writing intentions and word choice, completely forgetting I was even sitting there. I had completely drawn them into my story and I was hooked! I decided then and there I wanted to write for other's enjoyment and promote their own reflection and discussion. 

 I live in the desert of Nevada and am married to the man of my dreams and my lifelong hero. I am the proud mother to four amazing kids! Two of which are already young adults.  I currently teach fourth grade, and I'm in my 18th year in the classroom.